Monday, April 23, 2018


気温27度C、降水確率0%の昨日は多賀大社春の古例大祭でした。お天気の日曜日とあって人出も多く、カフェにもたくさんのお客様がお出で くださいました。陽射しが強く、おわたりの馬上方々その後を歩く皆様も朝からの行事にお疲れの様子でした。また40頭ものお馬さんもバテ気味に見えたのは私だけだったでしょうか。いつもながらの立派な春のおまつりでしたが、行列の馬を引く人の中に今年は白人の女性が二人もいたことが珍しく時代の移り変わりを感じました。欧米では馬術が盛んなので馬のことをよく知っている留学生の若い人がアルバイトにやって来たのでしょう。暑い日でしたからカフェではアイスコーヒーや甘酒スムージーの注文が多かったです。床の間に今より三代前の多賀大社宮司であった櫻井勝之進氏の書を掛けました。父が馬頭人をさせていただいた時にいただいたようです。Yesterday was the day of Taga-matsuri. Since it was a sunny Sunday, many people came to see the matsuri. Even though it is April, the sunshine was strong, so the people who were on the horses and the people who were following with them looked a bit tired. It was a traditional rich festival similar to previous years, but there was one thing which was new this year. It was that two Caucasian young women were attending their horses and from this sight I thought that the time has changed. In Western countries horse riding is more popular than in Japan therefore the two women were probably study abroad students and they were familiar with the horse and came to Taga as a part time job. Because of the warm weather, many customers of my cafe ordered iced coffee or Amazake smoothies. The calligraphy in the alcove is written by Katsunoshin Sakurai (1909-2005) who was the chief priest of Taga shrine. It was given to my father when he served Batohnin (Head man of the festival) in the past.