Saturday, July 6, 2024




I heard the news of the landslide caused by the heavy rain at Ibuki district in Shiga. Mountain side of Taga town is a part of Suzuka Mountains which runs at the border of Shiga prefecture and MIe prefecture, so people who are living in these areas must be worried about the same situation.

Today was unstable weather which was rainy and cloudy. I opened the cafe anyhow, and when I was doing houseworks in the back kitchen, someone came in the cafe and said " Kazuko, do you mind helping me?". I was surprised at that voice and rushed into the cafe. It was Ms.C with green beans in her hands. She came to bring green beans for me because she got many from her acquaintance at the local senior gathering. I appreciated her humble way of offering. I was pleased to receive her gift.

It was funny that she had more beans in her closed umbrella instead of carrying a bag and started placing beans out on the table. Then suddenly her blue umbrella opened and some beans went outside the umbrella to the floor. I could not help laughing at this incident while I was helping pick up beans with her.

My neighbor, Ms. C is very popular among young and old in town because she is warm and friendly. Every time I see her on the street, she cheers me up. I thank her very much because she is a very considerate woman. Ms. C is a really nice and wonderful person.