Thursday, July 11, 2024




    I changed my bed to a new one. Up until now, it was a very old one which my grandma used when she was not well. My father bought it for her and this made it easy for my aunts who came to take care of their mother to do their work. After my grandma passed away, my father used the bed for himself. Then he passed away, and it stayed in my house for thirty years. Eight years ago, I decided to come back my native house and while the old house was being renovated, the bed was still in my house with other old furniture. At first I was planning to throw it away, but I changed my mind to use it for my bed although the headboard and mattress got dirty and had stains, and I didn't mind them except for one thing. It was that the spring of the bed was too soft for me.

    About a month ago, I hit my right side strongly and I had a hard time lying down and rolling over onto my other side on the bed. I also couldn't sleep well but I have been getting well and now I am able to lie down normally. Even so, I have trouble falling asleep and it has been like this for many years. The other night when I was in bed, I thought that I should change my bed to the new one more suitable and will lead me into a good sleep. Next day I went to a furniture store in Hikone to buy a suitable bed where I can ask for delivery and take away my old bed.

    It was actually over my budget, but I am happy to get my new bed. There is a Dreamcatcher beside the window which is from my friend in Boston. I am sure I will enjoy my sleeping time to get a more comfortable and deep sleep.