Wednesday, January 10, 2024






    Just soon after the new year started, we had a big earthquake in Noto Peninsula (Japan sea coastal area) and an awful airplane accident at Haneda airport in Tokyo. It is not an easy start of the year in both domestic and the world, but only the weather was fine and many people went to the shrine passing by my cafe.

     I had been opening my cafe without a break since the 29th of last year and the first two days were the peak of busy days. The third day of January was easier than previous days and I could enjoy a little talk with the customer at the counter. Then I could take the day off on the fourth day.

    I found a little white box in my mailbox. Earthenware bell shaped dragon from Taga-Taisha, which is a symbol of this year, was inside the box. Instantly I knew that it was a gift from Mr. N who is honorary chief priest of Taga taisha. Every year, I receive his kind gift of the earthenware zodiac bell. I felt sorry for not serving coffee to him because of closing the cafe.

    Dragon is the fifth symbol of the zodiac and it is the only one which is an imaginary creature. "Rising dragon" has the power to lead everything to good fortune. I sincerely hope that this is the case.