Friday, January 19, 2024






    It was a rainy day in the morning which made me depressed. In the rain, I went to Taga Junior Highschool which stands on the hill by bike for storytelling. Even though I was riding an electric assist bicycle and I set the lowest gear, it was still hard to go up the hill. I read "After 100 years" by Mutsumi Ishii which had the theme of grand reincarnation. I didn't know what the students thought of it but I am glad that they concentrated to listen.

    After coming home, I finished my breakfast with hot coffee and a lot of steamed vegetables, and left for the hospital to check my hip joint with my bike again. Wearing a rain jacket and pants, I thought I was protected perfectly from the rain but I regretted leaving without putting on rain boots and wearing sunglasses. I, however, got good results that my left hip joint didn't get worse and the doctor said that I could get the prescription at the nearest clinic if I need to and I don't need to come to the hospital which is very far from my home.

    On my way back home, I stopped by a bookstore, pharmacy and two supermarkets to buy necessary things. While I was riding my bike, I heard the noise of busy cars passing me and I thought it must have been so quiet in the old days before cars were invented.

    I bought fresh tuna at the grocery store and made sushi rice topped with tuna at home. It was so good!