Sunday, January 21, 2024




    January 19th is the day the Shishi-mai troupe comes to our neighbourhood every year. The troupe was approaching with the flute, drum, bell and finally a big Shishi (lion) came into my cafe. Customers and I all welcome the troupe.

    Now, I found very special persimmons at the morning market. It is called "Sawashi-gaki". I felt a little strange because persimmons usually appear in the fall but it is January and out of season. A local cash register woman told me that they were astringent persimmons but had already removed bitterness and became sweet. I purchased them and ate one of them. Wow, it was so sweet and good! According to the net information, Shochuu (distilled spirits) was inserted into the calyx of each one and stayed for a certain number of days. Nobody likes astringent persimmons like even wild monkeys hate them. I admire human's brain changing an astringent persimmon into such a sweet wonderful one.