Thursday, December 28, 2023




    When I visited Taga Taisha (shrine) yesterday、 I could see the preparations for welcoming the new year here and there. Then, I saw an interesting custom of the shrine. It was annual work of replacing Shimenawa (sacred rope of the Shinto) by the staff of the shrine. Although the sun shined sometimes, the wind was cold and it seemed the work was not easy. Two men carried the big Shimenawa which was tied to bamboo and put it on the beam of the entrance. Then they put four big Gohei (strips of white paper) into the Shimenawa. Up until putting the Gohei, it took so much time and I couldn't keep watching and I went home because of the cold weather. When I went to the shrine later, the new Shmenawa was beautifully attached.

    By the way, why is Shimenawa put there ? It is a barrier between God's realm and the present world which contains various impure things. Without knowing this, I had been standing in the area and praying to God up until then. I am grateful to see this precious annual custom of the shrine.