Sunday, December 24, 2023






    There is a small hall dedicated to Jizo Bosatsu beside a small river along the shrine in our neighborhood. We have been taking turns taking care of Jizo and the small hall, but due to the reality that people are getting old year by year and everyone has their own important personal matters, the role is not strict these days. 

    Well, the role turned to me last week and it was in my mind everyday. I could finally go to the o-Jiso-sama on the last day before my cafe opened.

    Entering the hall and moving the offering box which was placed inside the hall because of cleaning underneath, I saw a bunch of shield bugs stuck on the board. I unintentionally said "Wow, that's too much!". Since most of them were just quietly staying there, I went home to take a masking tape (which is very useful to catch them!) in a hurry. When I came back to the hall, some of them had moved nearby but most of them were waiting for me to catch them. To tell the truth, I have never seen such a bunch of shield bugs and caught them while almost crying doing so, but nobody was there but me. Although I was in front of Jizo Buddha, I made myself calm down and executed each one by one. Are you asking how many I did? Oh, quite a lot.

    Well, I cleaned the floor and offered hot cooked rice in a bowl, a lighted candle and incense and prayed for peace. The sun came out occasionally but it was a cold morning with a chilly wind.