Thursday, September 8, 2022



     The weather conditions have been unstable, for example it was cloudy, then rainy after a sunny day. Today, I looked up at the sky and judged that it would not rain, so I went to some shops in Hikone. When I came back, Mr. and Mrs. M came to me holding a bunch of tall pampas grass. They said that Sep.9th is the day of the annual fall festival of Taga Taisha and the 11th is F.Nunoya's marimba concert day and I need some decoration in the cafe. What a thoughtful gift they gave!

    I hung the artwork by K.Noda in the alcove at the beginning of September. Mr. Noda, who was a dye artist in Eigenji passed away three years ago. The design of this artwork is the moon, so I just wanted to put pampas grass beside it. Indeed, it was perfect timing. I hope that many people will enjoy autumn and this decoration.