Tuesday, September 27, 2022





    I don't remember how many days have passed since I did my morning walk last time. The reasons for that were because I was busy or there were many rainy days, but I made it again this morning because I was encouraged by the beautiful autumn fine day.

    The leaves of the maple tree in Taga taisha started turning color into red and it reminded me that the season has been changing.

    When I entered the woods after worship at the shrine, I felt so good! I smelled moist autumn trees in the woods and heard birds singing. It certainly made me calm and peaceful.

    Walking along rice fields, I saw that most of them were after harvesting but some were not done yet. I saw that rice plants were damaged by the previous strong typhoon and sympathized with farmers how hard it is to harvest those rice. Cluster amaryllis were not very vivid this year. School kids were walking in groups to the school, so I said "Hello!" to them. Only the guardian returned the greeting clearly to me and the kids were rather quiet. I don't blame them because kids' lives must be complicated and each one must have their own reason.