Friday, May 27, 2022




    Mr.O who is in his mid twenties, came to my cafe by bicycle on the heavy snow day last Dec. and since then he occasionally stopped by on the way back home and talked about many interesting topics. He likes to collect miniature animal figures or color figures naturally by observing them closely. Yesterday, he came to the cafe and said that he wanted to show something to me and he took out small plastic bags. They were insect figures. They looked real to me and according to him, they were Yanbaru long-armed scarab beetles, drone beetles, and plusiotis. Mr. O explained them to me by showing the real one on the screen of his smart phone. Since the figures were not real, I, who is usually not interested in those insects, enjoyed touching them and looking closely. Actually I hate cockroaches among all insects in the world and told him about it, then he started to explain about various kinds of cockroaches.

    He is working at a pharmaceutical company in Taga as a temporary employee and it seems his shift work is not easy but he is saying that he likes to come to Taga town because he can find many interesting animals and insects in the area. I asked him about a comic book which he put on the table, then he talked about the people who were fighting in the age of provincial wars in Japan. I was amazed at his interest and knowledge which probably some younger generations have.