Wednesday, May 18, 2022



    I bought a bouquet of baby's breath for 150 yen at the Friday morning market near my house. I put them in a vase at home. We see baby's breath in a bouquet of other flowers such as roses as a filler for the gaps, but it is very nice to look simply full of baby's breath as the main flowers and I like it. Baby's breath has an image of western flower but it also fits a Japanese room and it shows the presence very well. The other day, I received a bunch of irises from Ms. M and I put them in the alcove, entrance, and other places for the decoration of Boy's Day. They have flowers in deep color on top straight stems and they make us feel vigor which is suitable for Boy's Day. On the other hand, these baby's breath make us feel gentle and tender. We are looking at these with a calm mind.