Saturday, May 14, 2022





    Golden week holidays (long consecutive holidays) are over and normal days came back. During the holidays, many people visited Taga Taisha not only from inside Shiga prefecture but also from western Japan such as Kyoto, Osaka or from eastern Japan such as Nagoya, Tokyo, and some of them stopped by my cafe. I enjoyed small talk with them.

    This morning, I went for a walk after a long time and visited Taga Taisha to see flowers of ”Nanjya-monjya (Chionanthus retusus)". Maybe because of the last heavy snow, the tree lost some branches, so flowers were smaller than last year, but still soft and elegant white flowers were so beautiful and they just amazed me. There is a Japanese maple tree near the tree of Nanjya-monjya which is eye-catching and the branches full of fresh green maple leaves spread widely.