Monday, July 5, 2021




    We saw a scary news video in which flowing debris swept away houses caused by lots of rain in Atami, and it must have made people frightened who are living in mountain slope or in the mountain. There are also many villages on the mountain side in Taga. We need to be very careful to cultivate mountains.

    By the way, we made Izanami Lunch last Sunday. The menu was the following: Escabeche of mackerel, Grilled eggplant and green pepper in Japanese broth, Mashed potatoes, Fried chicken, Green beans with sesame sauce, Japanese tofu and spinach salad dressed with sesame and miso, Sweet boiled red kidney beans, Black soybean rice and Gazpacho (Spanish cold soup). It was half Japanese, half Western cooking. We thank very much both customers who ate in the cafe and ordered lunch takeout.