Saturday, July 24, 2021


    Ms. N.N. gave me BENIBANA (safflower) which she picked at Mobara mountain. It must have been hard to pick because a lot of thorns are there. Whenever I hear Benibana, I recall Ghibli's animation "Only Yesterday". In the film, a short story was introduced of young women in a poor farmer's family in Yamagata prefecture in Edo period who picked Benibana with their fingers, red with blood because of the thorns. It was a bit of a sad story, but the animation itself concluded with a happy ending. I like this anime very much. In addition, I used this anime in my Japanese class in the US for many years. Therefore every time when I recall this anime, I also recall many of my students' faces. Indeed it is also "Only Yesterday" to me. Many of them are working, gaining their experiences, many of them got married and have families. They are all tough and beautiful women.