Monday, September 14, 2020

虹の大橋を見ました。7時前に家を出ていつもの散歩コースで多賀大社の杜を出てしばらく歩いていくと、正面に虹。虹を見て心が踊らない人はいないと思います。もっとよく見たいと進んでいっては写真を撮り、障害物のない広いところへ出ると、さっきは確かに60度ぐらいまでしか見えなかった虹が何と大きく大きく半円にくっきり西の空を渡っているではありませんか。私のカメラでは全景を納めきれない見事な虹の大橋です。こんな完璧な虹を見せてくださった神様に感謝せずにはいられません。よく見ると虹の外側にもう一つ大きな虹が薄くかかっています。明るい未来を予感させる虹。龍神様の化身とも言われる虹。今朝は特別な朝でした。I saw a great rainbow bridge this morning. Leaving my house just before 7 a.m. for my morning walk, I went through shrine woods and kept walking along my regular course, when a rainbow came into my sight ahead of me. I think it is the same for everybody to be excited when seeing a rainbow. I took many photos of the rainbow stopping at several spots and came to a wide area with no obstacles. There, seeing the view took my breath away. It was a huge half circle rainbow over the west sky which I have never seen before. Wow! I thanked God to give me a chance to see such a perfect rainbow. I tried but I couldn't take the whole rainbow with my camera. I looked at the rainbow carefully, then I could see another rainbow vaguely outside the original one. Rainbow is a symbol of hope. Someone says that the rainbow is the incarnation of the dragon god. It was a super special morning.