Sunday, September 20, 2020

2日前の夜、ノートパソコンの画面が突然ピンクになって機能不全に。ニュースや情報を得たり、調べものや買い物をしたり、メールやFBで人と交流したり、 生活の80%ぐらいといっても大げさでないぐらいパソコンに依存している私は、この突然の出来事に大慌て。依存する割りにはITに無知で設置も人任せにし ていたので事態に対処できずパニック状態です。遠隔地にいる相方に尋ねようにもメールができないし、外地で購入しているので誰に相談すればいいか分からず 途方に暮れるばかり。そのうち殆ど電話にしか使っていない去年切り替えたスマホにGメールの機能があることを思い出し慣れないながらも必死に通信を繰り返 す。翌日、草津にMACの代理店があることを友人に教えてもらい、更にアップルカスタマーサービスに電話して操作の指示をあれこれ受けるも回復せず、結局 修理SVCに送ることに。情けないのはこれまでの記録が消えてしまうこと。ただ残してあった古いパソコンが何とか復活しメールなど取り敢えずは機能することがせめてもの幸いです。それにしても一時間以上も忍耐強く電話で対応してくれた男性には頭が下がる思いです。彼らには何でもないコンピューターの世界に私の ような無知な人間が入り込んでいることに不安は尽きず、便利さと不自由さの紙一重のところにいるという感じです。The night before yesterday, the display of my computer turned pink suddenly and didn't function any longer. I usually get news, information, do some research or shopping and do email or facebook with other people by computer, so this unexpected incident made me panic. I might be a person who depends on the computer for 80% of the tasks in my daily life. I wanted to reach my husband who set up my computer when I bought it about a year ago but I couldn't because of this trouble. Then I remembered that there is a G-mail function in my Smartphone although I usually use it as a phone and do not use other functions much since I bought it last year. I sent emails to my husband to get some advice with my smartphone with my full effort. The next day, I got information from my friend about an agency in Kusatsu city, and the agency suggested that I call Apple Customer Service, so I called them. The male customer service person instructed me several ways to solve my problem, but they all didn't work at all. He finally suggested that I send my computer to Apple Repair Service although I might lose all memories in the computer. It is so regrettable to lose memories, but I decided to follow his advice. The only thing I was relieved about is that my old computer which I have not been using since I bought a new one is revived and able to use email and other functions although it is slow. Anyway, I thank the customer service person who assisted me for more than an hour on the phone. I feel uneasy to be in a high technology world which makes use of computers and the internet, which must be very familiar for them. I am receiving tremendous benefit from those technologies but at the same time it causes much stress and uncomfortable feelings.