Monday, September 21, 2020

パソコンの電源を入れると画面がピンクになりまったく先に進めないという事態になり、カスタマーサービスの所在を知り電話で対応してくださった方のアドバイスでパソコン本体を修理サービスに出したのが18日(金曜日夕方)。その間、古いパソコンが何とか頑張ってくれましたが、何と今朝(20日)修理が終わって手元に戻ってきました。超スピードサービスです!祈るような気もちで箱を開けて中のパソコンを取り出すと新品みたいに綺麗になっています。ディスプレイユニット(液晶パネルとディスプレイハウジング)を交換したと修理報告書に書いてありました。画面だけでなく文字盤も綺麗です。そして、肝心のデータ。ああ、私の煩雑なデータがそのまま画面に残っていました!神様、修理の方、そしてFBに投稿しパニックになった私を励まし、温かいアドバイスを次々にくださった皆様のお蔭です。心から御礼申し上げます。これからTime Machine というバックアップ器具を備えて何かあっても慌てないようにします。I had an unexpected thing happen to my computer in which the screen was pink when I turned on the power and I couldn't do anything, so I called Apple Customer Service. The service person gave several instructions but they all didn't work. I sent it to the Repair Service Center as he advised on 18th (Friday evening). For the time being, I used my old computer which was very slow but worked anyhow. I thought it would take a week at least for repair, but it returned to me this morning (20th)! What a quick service it was! When I opened the box, I felt like praying for there to be no damage to my old data. It appeared to be a beautiful computer and I knew that they changed the display unit which was written on the repair report. Oh, thank god! All files and photos stayed on the display randomly which were the same as before! I really appreciate Apple repair people and friends who gave warm words and several suggestions to me when I was panicking during this incident. I think that there is a lesson that I should prepare for this kind of incident by backing up data frequently.