Monday, February 18, 2019


今年のお年玉年賀はがきは8枚が下二ケタ、つまり記念切手がもらえる当選番号でした。 去年は可愛いワンちゃんの切手だったので、今年は干支のいのししのデザインかなと思っていましたが 郵便局のカウンター越しに見えたシールは真ん中に白いものが、手にするとそれは招き猫でした。 62円が右手、82円が左手を上げています。でもよく見るとこの二匹の猫ちゃん左右対称では ないように見えます。(気のせいかもしれませんが)それぞれ目の大きさもやや違うようで、 それなりに個性が出ているのが面白いです。I received many New Year's postcards with lottery numbers in the beginning of this year, as well as last year. At the end of January, the winning numbers were announced. I got eight postcards which matched with the last two figures of the winning number and it means I am able to get eight sets of special stamps. Last year, cute dogs were designed on the sheet because it was dog's year in Chinese zodiac so I was expecting wild boar on the sheet this year, but when I saw the sheet over the counter at the post office, I could see something white in the middle and I recognized it was a beckoning cat when I was handed the sheet. There are two stamps on the sheet and the beckoning cat's right paw is raised on the 62 yen stamp and the one on the other stamp has its left paw raised. Upon looking at them closely, I noticed they are not symmetrical. It seems that one has slightly bigger eyes than the other. It is interesting that each one shows their personalities.