Wednesday, May 16, 2018

数日前から酷い咳と鼻づまりで、私としたことが鬼の撹乱かと苦笑いです。夕べは昔祖母が作ってくれた卵酒をネットでしらべて作って飲みましたが、効果があったのかなかったのか。今日も寒気と時折襲う咳にうんざりしながらもカフェを開けました。幸か不幸かカフェはいたって暇で、友達のH.Nさんが訪ねてくれてゆっくりおしゃべりしたのと、数人のお客さんと対応するだけでご迷惑はかけずに 済みました。今、k.d. lang CDに聴き入っています。30年も前にふとテレビで知ったカナダ人のk.d. langに当時はまってCDを数枚買いましたが、その後全く遠ざかっていました。先日ボストンの家で彼女のCDが出てきて以来また熱心に聴いています。新しいのもネットで買いました。欧米の歌手に詳しいとはお世辞にも言えない私ですがk.d. langは大好きです。毎回「うまいなー」としみじみ聴き入ってしまいます、体調のことなどすっかり忘れて。I have been suffering a terrible cough and stuffy nose since a couple of days ago. I really think to myself, "what is the matter with me!" Last night I made eggnog (made with sake) and took it before I went to bed which my grandma used to make for me when I caught a cold. I don't know whether it is effective or not, but anyhow I opened the cafe today although I am still tired from coughing and stuffy nose. Luckily or maybe unluckily, the cafe was very slow today. My friend H.N visited me and we had a long conversation, otherwise I just had short conversations with a couple of people in the cafe without giving them much trouble. Now I am listening to a CD of k.d. lang and relaxing. I happened to see her on TV about 30 yrs ago in Boston. I bought a couple of her CDs and became a fan of her but I haven't listened to her music for many years. About a month ago I found her CDs in my home in Boston, and ever since I have been listening to her music again. I don't know very much about western singers but I really like k.d. lang. Every time I listen to her music, I admire her beautiful voice. While I listen to her CD, I forget my terrible condition.