Sunday, May 13, 2018


昨日はカフェをS.Kさんにお願いして、午後Y.Eさんと一円→栗栖→八重練→久徳→一円のウォーキングコースの下見に出かけました。実はこれは多賀町が募集した「わが町自慢のウォーキングコース」に応募して入選したT.Kさん発案コースの逆バージョンなのです。お天気は上々。運動靴、水筒、帽子、それにカメラの軽装で一円の集落を出発。芹川の透き通った流れを右に見ながら栗栖の調宮(ととのみや)神社に到着。調宮神社は多賀大社の元宮で4月22日に多賀祭りの時は大切な神事がここから始まります。栗栖から八重練に向かう杉木立の道は夏はいかにも涼しそう。八重練では一番北にある高松神社が神秘的で集落のメインスポットとなりそうです。二時間以上かかってゆっくり一円に戻ってきた時は結構疲れていましたが、歩いているのは私達二人だけで新緑と清流を愛でながら時間を過ごせたのは何よりでした。Yesterday I asked Ms. S.K to take care of the cafe and I went to check a walking course in advance with Ms. Y.E.. We started from Ichien village to Kurusu, Yaeneri,Kyuutoku and back to Ichien. Actually this course is goes in the opposite direction from Mr. T.K 's walking course idea, which was submitted as an entry to "A Walking Course showing Taga pride" and won. The weather was perfect. Upon putting on nice walking shoes, hat and taking a water bottle and camera, we first walked up along Seri-gawa (river) on the right. We arrived at Totonomiya-shrine in Kurusu village. Totonomiya is an original shrine of Taga Taisha and on the festival day of Taga Taisha on April 22nd, the very important religious service is held here. The walkway in the midst of ceder trees from Kurusu to Yaeneri is beautiful and it looks very cool in the summer. In Yaeneri, Takamatsu-shrine is in the most northern part of the village and it is little bit mystical so we thought it must be a notable spot in the village. When we came back to the starting point after over two hours of walking, we both were very tired but we didn't see other walkers while we were walking. It was a really fulfilling time for us to walk and appreciate the fresh greenery and clear water in the river.