Monday, January 16, 2023





    On a cloudy morning, after washing my face, putting on facial lotion, I brought my garbage bag to a collection area. Then I had a rather lazy time. Putting on my knit hat deeply, and wearing a winter scarf with coat, I went for a walk thinking nobody recognised who I am. Since last December, I have been having a little problem with an ache around the coxalgia area, so I was walking carefully but I could walk without any problem. I was happy to find many daffodil flowers and cute pink flowers on a plum tree on the way back home.

    At home I tied up carbon boxes which I flattened first, because this coming Saturday people will come to pick them up. After that, I cut cypress wood into small pieces which I received from a carpenter last year, so If you put a couple of pieces into a bathtub, you feel so good. I took a short break and had coffee and breakfast. Thinking about what I had done this morning, I might have not been lazy.

    One of my friends suggested that I put more muscle around coxalgia and sent a Pilates ball to me. I tried to follow the instructor on YouTube but in the middle I felt bad and had to stop the practice. I felt a little discouraged about this because I was not such a person to quit in the middle and the instructor movement was not difficult at all. I am really feeling my body is changing little by little.