Saturday, January 21, 2023






    Some people made picture books from Rakugo (a traditional Japanese comic story) so that kids can become familiar with these stories. I chose one of them titled "Hatsu Tenjin" (first visit to Tenmangu Shrine). I wondered if kids knew about Rakugo, then the teacher of the class told me that the school invited a story-teller and let children listen to the old comic story.

    The outline of the story is as follows: A boy, named Kin-boh, begged for his dad to go to the shrine with him. But his dad didn't want to because Kin-boh always asks him to buy something. Dad agreed to take him promising not to ask dad to buy anything. However, on their way back from the shrine, he had to buy a big kite for a boy. Now, Kin-boh asked dad to fly the kite there. Since there was no way to convince, he agreed to do so. Then, this time dad was absorbed in flying the kite and never took turns with his son. His son, Kin-boh was very disappointed and said, "I shouldn't have taken my dad here." ( End of the story.)
Third grader kids listened to the story and I could hear them laughing here and there which made me relieved. I would be happier if they are more relaxed and laugh more loudly.