Thursday, June 30, 2022





    I had a lunch reservation yesterday, so I prepared from the day before and waited for the guests to come, but they didn't show up at the expected time and I was waiting for them for an hour. Since no guests appeared even after an hour, I wondered why they didn't show up and just took a look at my schedule notebook, then I said "Oh!" unintentionally. I realized that the real appointment day was the next day. It was completely my mistake. The problem was the lunch which I already prepared. I called a lady whom I have known since I opened my cafe, and asked if she wanted to get the food as box lunches. She kindly accepted my offer. I thanked her very much.

    After closing the cafe, I went to Hikone to get some meat and vegetables to prepare for the next lunch. I didn't cover my face on the way to the supermarket, then at the supermarket when I was about to put on my mask, I was in trouble. One of the strings of my mask was cut and it was the only mask in my bag. I knew I could buy a new one in the supermarket, but I hesitated to do so because I have plenty of new masks at home, so I put my hand on the mask so it wouldn't fall and finished collecting groceries and headed to register.

    I found that I was not able to take my money and card out with one hand. While I was paying the money, my mask was hanging down from my right ear and another string was also hanging down. It must have been funny to look at me from another person. Basically I don't like to put my mask on, but in this situation all people except me were putting masks on and I was embarrassed indeed.

    After all, it was an unlucky day for me and I got two lessons through my experiences. #1, I should look at my daily schedule carefully. #2, I should put more than two masks in my bag just in case. When I got home, I prepared lunch for the guests as scheduled. It was a tiring day.