Thursday, June 2, 2022




    Flute concert by Yukihiro Isso will be held this Saturday and I guess many people are looking forward to coming to the concert. Isso's flute playing is deep and sharp and on the other hand gentle and warm. He will play not only Japanese traditional music but also western music with amazing technique.

    I would like to add one more pleasurable thing for the audience. Mr. Yukihiko Nakano is the honorary chief priest of Taga Taisha Shrine and he is also Noh mask creator and has already created many wonderful masks. We will display some of his works on the day of the concert so people appreciate them. The expression of the noh masks will change not only by the creator but also the angle of the mask and lighting. I saw noh actors putting on masks on stage, and I also saw several photos of noh masks but I haven't seen real ones closely before. I was overwhelmed by the powerful expression of Nakano's works. I took several photos of these but the real masks are more powerful.