Wednesday, June 3, 2020

絵馬通りはまだ閑散としていますが、とりあえずカフェを再開しました。玄関の紫陽花、風知草、それに万年青(オモト)はいつも季節の植木を飾ってくれる彦根の友人Hさんによるもの。テッセンは裏に放っておいたものがヒョロヒョロと伸びて濃い紫の花を咲かせました。長い間寂しかったカフェですが、玄関は賑やかにお客様のお越しをお待ちしています。尚、お弁当などのご注文は引き続き承ります。前日4時までにお願いいたします。Ema-doori (the street) is still very quiet, but I re-opened my cafe. There are several plant pots (hydrangea, Japanese forest grass and Rohdea japonica) which are from my high school friend living in Hikone who often changes pots according to the season. Clematis had been abundant in my backyard since last year but it opened beautiful deep purple flowers. The cafe was empty and quiet for almost two months, but these beautiful flower pots are waiting for customers. We will keep an order for box lunch, so please place an order by 4pm one day beforehand.