Sunday, June 14, 2020

1週間ほど前に我が家に小さな蜂の巣が2つあるのを発見しました。以来どうしたものかとずっと考えています。裏口を開けて外へ出ると、大きな黒い蜂が一匹ブ〜ンと飛んでいるので1つはきっと彼(彼女?)の巣ではないかと思うのですが、まだ突き止めていません。小さい方は別の蜂がずっとくっついたままじっとしてもう生存していないだろうと思っていたのですが、今朝、その蜂が位置を変えて何か黄緑のものを出してじっとしているのに気がつきました。生きていたのです!もちろん巣が大きくなるのを黙ってみているほど寛容な心を私は持ち合わせていません。1日も早く取り除いて心穏やかに暮らしたいのですが、どうしたら良いか考え続けているのです。手でコロッと取れる感じなのですが、小さくても滅多なことはできないと思いつつ数日が過ぎています。蜂の巣を取り除くのは夕方がいいとネットには書いてありましたが、殺虫剤を吹きかけて反撃にあったら大変。ドクダミの虫除け液はまだ効きそうにありません。どなたかお知恵をお貸しくださる方いらっしゃればばありがたいです。About a week ago, I found two small honeycombs outside of the windows of my house. Since then, I have been thinking what I should do about them. When I go outside from the back door of the house, a big black bee is flying around there, I guess one of the honeycombs must be his (or her) house but I haven't followed it yet. There was a bee stuck on to the smaller honeycomb without moving, so I have been thinking the bee has already died but this morning it changed its position and something greenish came out from the bee and stayed there. It is still alive! I don't have such a gentle mind that will keep the honeycombs there and watch the honeycombs become bigger. I really would like to take them off and be relaxed, but I don't know how I can take them away. It seems that I can take them out by hand easily, but I think I should be careful. According to the net info., just after sunset is a good time to take honeycombs, but I am still afraid of the bees attacking back when I spray insecticide over the honeycombs. The insect repellent which I made yesterday doesn't work yet. I would be grateful if someone could give good advice on how to remove them for me.