Sunday, July 8, 2018


豪雨で学校は休講、鉄道は運休など緊迫した状況でしたが私の回りは大事には至らず、今朝のお陽様の光に一先ずほっとしました。そんな中、思わず感嘆の声が出るような立派な紀州の白桃が届きました。いつもお世話になっている京都の方が送ってくださったのですが、両手でそっと持つとズシリと重く甘い香りがして、それだけで美味しいこと間違いなしと分かる白桃です。その前日に多賀のK農園の方が丹精込めて大きく栽培し た大切なメロンを持ってきて下さいました。実際に見たことはないのですが、温室で湿度と温度を一定に保ちながら、時に熱中症と闘いながら、時に猿やハクビシンの侵入に悔しい思いをしながらメロンを育てるまでどれほどのご苦労があったか知れません。そのメロン、こちらも果汁が一杯つまって甘いと地元ではもっぱら評判の優秀作です。白桃もメロンも普段の私には高級品で滅多に口にできませんが、雨で憂鬱な気分をすっ飛ばしてしまうほどの嬉しい到来物でした。お客様や友人達にもお裾分けして、夜にゆっくりいただきました。……何とも贅沢な味覚を味わったのは言うまでもありません。Due to the heavy rain we had a serious situation where all schools were closed and the rail way service was suspended but it seems all was ultimately fine and safe in my area. During that time I received a box of beautiful white peaches from Kishu (Wakayama). It was a gift from an old couple living in Kyoto who my family has been good friends with for a long time. When I hold one carefully, it is heavy and smells sweet which means it is a very good peach. On the other hand, I also received a big melon from a guest who runs a melon farm with her husband and another couple. I have never seen their greenhouse before but they need to keep a certain temperature and humidity to plant melon trees. I heard that they suffered from the heat in the greenhouse and had a hard time protecting their melons from animals such as monkeys, Paguma larvata and others. Their melon has a good reputation in this area. I don't have many chances to eat both white peaches and melons because they are too expensive to buy. I shared them with the guests in the cafe and my friends, then at night I enjoyed tasting them myself. ......Needless to say, they are soooo good.