Wednesday, July 25, 2018




心にひびく朗読 in 多賀あさひや

場所:多賀あさひや 14時〜15時半 (13時半開場)
予約・問い合わせ 0749−48−0186


I would like to announce a poetry (or story) reading event.

Date: Aug. 3rd (Friday) 2pm ~ 3:30pm (1:30 doors open) 
Place: Taga Asahiya
Admission fee: ¥550 (with drink and cake)
Reservations & questions: 0749-48-0186 (Taga Asahiya)

Organizer : Reading Circle "Hidamari no kai" Taga class
(President : Ms. Taeko Kitamura)

A poetry reading is a public oral recitation of poetry (or story). The reader understands the content of the reading and reads aloud with emotion. It is difficult but a nice challenge. I found out about this reading circle in my area last year and participated in it. It requires courage to read aloud but every member is up for the challenge. Please come and enjoy listening to our readings. In the middle of the event, we offer the word play by Shuntaro Tanikawa to the audience. I am sure it will be fun. Hope you will contact us. Thanks!