Saturday, March 25, 2017

小屋にあった古い招き猫をカフェに飾ってみました。すぐその後に招き猫の由来 を友人Hさんのご主人が話して下さいました。調べてみるといくつか由来があるようですが、一番身近なのはやはり彦根二代目藩主井伊直孝(1590~1659)の話しです。直孝が鷹狩りの帰りに雨が降りだし豪徳寺のそばの木の下にいると、寺の猫が手招きをしたので寺の中に入っていきました。すると間もなく雷がさっきの木に落ちて直孝は命拾いをしました。直孝は猫への恩返しの為に荒れた豪徳寺に多額の寄進をし寺は盛り返したとのことです。左手を上げている猫は雌で千客万来や縁結び、右手を上げている猫は雄で金運や幸運を招くそうです。写真を撮って下さったのはMizuki T. さん。愛らしい横顔ですね。良い御縁をいただいています。I displayed an old beckoning cat in the cafe which was in my storage house. It is called "Maneki-neko ". Mr. N told me the story about the beckoning cat. Checking the internet, there are several legends about the beckoning cat. The most familiar one is about Naotaka Ii (1590-1659) who was the second feudal lord in Hikone domain in Edo period. When he was under a tree near the temple taking a shelter from the rain, he noticed a cat which seemed to be beckoning to him in front of the dilapidated temple . He decided to go into the temple and take a rest. Shortly thereafter, the lightning struck the tree which he had been under just moments ago. He was grateful because the cat saved his life. He donated much money to the temple and the temple prospered ever after. If the left paw of the cat is up, it is to attract customers and matchmaking. If the right paw is up, it is for good fortune and money. Ms. Mizuki T. took the picture. What an adorable side profile the cat has! I am grateful to this beckoning cat for my good relationships with the customers.