Friday, November 13, 2020

彦根の友人、Kさんご主人が畑の宝物を軽トラックでたくさん持ってきてくださいました。まるで八百屋さんになったみたいです!箱いっぱいの新鮮な野菜。玄関に並べて数えたら11種類。野菜は一つを除いてすべて綺麗に洗ってありいただく者としては恐縮するばかりです。実はこの中に私がおねだりしたものが一つ入っています。それは落花生。これだけは畑から引いたものをそのまま、つまり土の中からピーナッツがブラブラぶら下がってやってきたというわけです。たくさんの野菜はちょうどその後の訪問者、友人2人と分けあってそれぞれの台所へと旅立っていきました。私の今夜の夕食はもちろん一人鍋。泥付きのピーナッツはハサミで切って洗って塩茹でにし食後のデザートに。去年初めていただいてあまりに美味しく、図々しく今年もリクエストしてしまいました。友達と一緒ならビールのおつまみに最高。Kさんご主人、ありがとうございました!The husband of my friend, K, who is living in Hikone brought treasures from a vegetable field by a small truck. Wow, I felt like a vegetable store owner to have such a large number of fresh vegetables. Lining them up on the shoe rack in the entrance hall, I counted the number of the different kinds, and they were eleven. I appreciated my friend and her husband because they cleaned all of the vegetables except for one kind. In fact I requested one vegetable among them and that was peanuts. Her husband dug the peanut plants up and brought them into my house without cleaning them. I had two friends visiting me after the vegetables arrived, so I shared these vegetables with them but still there were too much for me to use. My dinner was a hot pot using some of those vegetables. As for the peanuts, I cut peanuts off from the roots, washed them well and boiled them in salty water. It was so good! I received them last year too and I was amazed by the taste, so I was shameless enough to ask my friend to bring peanuts this year as well. If I were to have company, it would be good with beer. Thank you so much, Mr. & Mrs. K!